My name is TORC and I want to tell you my wonderful story.

TORC the CAT Kitty.jpg

My earliest memory is from 2009 when I was a tiny kitten. I remember being at an animal shelter where many kittens and puppies were waiting for humans to adopt them into loving homes. The truth is that back then I was a wild kitten who did not like humans. In fact, the animal shelter marked me as “wild” because I would hiss at the people who would try to touch me.

It all changed one day when, for some reason, I felt naturally comfortable with two humans. My instinct to hiss gave way to a strong feeling of comfort. I started purring very loudly as I felt with total certainty that these people were my people and that they would adopt me to be part of their family.

From a very early age, I was fascinated by new things. I kept asking my humans for new toys and I loved it when they would take me to the park. There, I could see new animals and plants which filled me with tremendous joy.

TORC the CAT adventure.jpg

As the years went by, I became more and more interested in learning about the greatness of nature and all it had to offer. My humans love to watch nature documentaries and I took the opportunity to cuddle next to them as they saw amazing animals and scenery appear on their magical window they call television. They probably thought I just loved to cuddle, but secretly I never wanted to miss the amazing new things I could see.

TORC the CAT winter.jpg

One day, I started to dream about being a detective and going all around the world to investigate new animals, just like the humans on television. My dreams have since been about exploration and meeting new friends from the animal kingdom. These dreams are so amazing and powerful that I decided to share them with you in the form of my TORC the CAT Book Series.

I hope you are as inspired to explore the unknown as I am and I invite you to enjoy each book as much as I enjoyed dreaming it!